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Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

Trio Techno Services offers Analytical Balances which support highly accurate measurement. Our analytical balances can be calibrated, delivered with calibration weights or purchased with optional windscreen made of plastic.
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Our analytical balances support different functions as for example the automatic adjustment of weight, piece counting, ISO GLP protocol or tare-function. Moreover, many analytical balances come with mains adaptor. Analytical balances can be ISO calibrated and can therefore be applied in laboratories, industrial production and quality assurance. Analytical balances are instruments which impress with their high quality and precision of 0.1 mg (for example the PCE-AB series). The PCE-VXI 60/220 is a balance with a reading capacity of only 0.01 mg. In case that your needs require analytical balances with a resolution of only 0.001 mg, you should look for analytical balances which are as well designed for the capture of evaporation of liquids. In addition, analytical balances possess protections against air breath and a level to ensure they are portioned correctly.

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